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War Coppice

Early-attested site in the Parish of Blechingley

Historical Forms

  • Werc, Raulueswerk 13th StThomas
  • Warke Copices 1544 LP
  • Ware Coppice 1680 LBl


War Coppice (6″) is Werc , Raulueswerk 13thSt Thomas , Warke Copices 1544 LP, Ware Coppice 1680 LBl. This is no doubt OE  (ge)weorc (v. Southwark supra 29), the reference being to the old earthwork just by, on the crest of the chalk downs.Raulueswerk is probably an alternative name, since it is described in the cartulary as being a hill between Blechingley and Stanstead. The first element is the OFr  pers. name Raulf (Radulfus ).