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Tandridge Hundred

Hundred in the County of Surrey

Historical Forms

  • Tenrige 1086 DB 1170 P 1225 Ass
  • Tenrigge 1169 P
  • Tenringe 1174 P
  • Tenrugge 1286 Ipm
  • Tendrigga 1157 P
  • Tendringe 1175 P
  • Tendrig(g)e 1177,1190,1191 P
  • Tanruyge 1265 Misc
  • Tanregg' 1308 Ipm


v. Tandridge infra 335. In 1651 (ParlSurv ) the court leets were held at a place called Undersnow . This, in a deed of 1656 (VCH iv, 252), is called Hundredsnow , and the site is to be found (ib.) where three ways meet at the south-east corner of Rooksnest Park. Hundredsnow is probably a corruption of Hundred 's Low or Know (knoll). v. hlaw , cnoll . M and B (ii, 289) note that it is now called by old people 'Shreeves Turn,' i.e. the place where the sheriff holds the turn or circuit.