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French Mill (Lane)

Other OS name in the Parish of Cann

Historical Forms

  • molendinu' Fraunceis, de molendino Frauncisci, Frenssh myll 1500 Hutch3
  • molendin' Franceis c.1500 Eg
  • French-Mill 1546 Hutch3
  • French Mill [Bridge] 1791 Boswell
  • French-Mill-House, French Mill Fd 1840 TA


, molendinu ' Fraunceis , de molendino Frauncisci , Frenssh myll 1500 Hutch3, molendin 'Franceis c.1500Eg , French -Mill 1546 Hutch3, French Mill [Bridge]1791 Boswell, French -Mill -House , French Mill Fd 1840TA , no doubt so called from its possession by a Frenchman ( or by someone with a surname Franceis ) , OFr Franceis ' French, Frenchman ' and the Lat  form Franciscus here both alternating with ME  Frensche , cf. Henry Fraunceys Ed 2 (c.1407) Shaft , French's Fm 2265 , and the analogous French Mill Wt 150 . Sydenham 79 conjectures that the name may contain ME  fraunchise , but the forms do not support this , cf. Little Francis 1268 .