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Holm And Ivy Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Cann

Historical Forms

  • la Holmene Theuele 1341 Salis
  • la Holmunthevel' 1394 Salis
  • Holm in the Bynele 1401 Salis
  • Holemandivile 1548 Weld1


Holm And Ivy Fm (ST 856216), la Holmene Theuele 1341Salis , la Holmunthevel '1394Salis , Holm in the Bynele 1401Salis , Holemandivile 1548Weld 1, cf. Holm and Ivy Mead , Home Bush 1840TA , 'the holly bush or thicket', from holegn (Do dial. holm ) probably with an adjectival suffix -en 2 , and þȳfel .The 1401 form, half rationalized (-ene The - > -in the -) and half garbled or corrupt (Bynele for thyuele ?), already suggests that the compound was no longer understood; the 1548 and modern forms continue the process of rationalization and popular etymology, the modern form resulting from the conventional association of holly and ivy.