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Guy's Marsh (Fm)

Early-attested site in the Parish of Cann

Historical Forms

  • Gyesmersch 1401 ShaftMR
  • Gyesmerssh c.1407 Shaft
  • Gyes Marshe 1564 Glyn
  • Marsh 1811 OS
  • Gays Marsh Grd 1840 TA
  • Gay's Marsh 1841 TAMap
  • Guy's Marsh Fm 1869 Hutch3


Guy's Marsh (Fm) (ST 844205), Gyesmersch 1401 ShaftMR, Gyesmerssh c.1407Shaft , Gyes Marshe 1564Glyn , Marsh 1811 OS, Gays Marsh Grd 1840TA , Gay 's Marsh 1841TAMap , Guy 's Marsh Fm 1869 Hutch3, from mersc 'marsh' and the pers.n. or surname Guy (< OFr), though no person with this name has been noted in connection with the place. There seems to have been here a tract of marshy ground, originally no doubt simply Marsh , which gave name also to Marsh Cmn in Fontmell M. par. and to Margaret Marsh par. (both infra , 1 and 1½ miles SW of Guy's Marsh respectively), v. under Margaret Marsh for some earlier simplex forms that may (partly) belong here.