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Other OS name in the Parish of St John's, Castlerigg and Wythburn

Historical Forms

  • Bournes 1530 FF
  • Burnys 1537 ib
  • Burnesse 1533–8 ECP
  • Burnes 1552 FF
  • Bourns 1564 PR(Crosth)
  • (The) Bowrnes 1569,1571 ElizKes
  • Burnes 1585 Derwent


is Bournes 1530FF , Burnys 1537 ib., Burnesse 1533–8 ECP,Burnes 1552 FF, Bourns 1564 PR (Crosth), (The ) Bowrnes 1569, 1571ElizKes, Burnes 1585Derwent . The forms are too late for certainty . Most of them are compatible with derivation from the plural of burghan . But the form Burnesse suggests that the name may be a compound with burh as the first element and næss as the second . This would suit the nature of the site .