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Early-attested site in the Parish of St John's, Castlerigg and Wythburn

Historical Forms

  • Naddal(e) 1292 Ass 1303 Ipm 1734 Derwent
  • Naddell 1572 FF
  • Naddall 1573 ib
  • Naddaile 1580 Border


Probably, as Professor Ekwall suggests, ON  naddr , 'point, wedge,' and dalr. Naddle occurs again in Naddle in Shap (We), for which there is a form Naddall 1590, and as a lost field-name in Workington infra 456. Professor Jackson adds: “It is possible that n - is the Cumbric definite article, which may well have been en , an , as in Cornish and Breton, rather than Welsh y (r ), probably a secondary corruption of older in.