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Early-attested site in the Parish of St John's, Castlerigg and Wythburn

Historical Forms

  • Shonderhowe 1571 ElizKes
  • Shunderhowe 1571 PR(Crosth) 1604 Derwent
  • Schonderhawe 1574 ElizKes
  • Sonderhowe 1574 ElizKes
  • Sunderhow 1591 Derwent
  • Shundrowe 1597 Derwent
  • Shoulderhowe 1603 PR(Crosth)
  • Shannder Howe 1615 PR(Crosth)


The forms are too late for certainty, but they suggest that the name may be identical in origin with Shunner Howe (PN NRY 130). If so, it probably represents an ON  siónar haugr, 'look-out hill,' as is suggested by Ekwall in DEPN.