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Deverells Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of Mere

Historical Forms

  • Devereleswode 1281 Ass
  • Deverlingewode 1300 Ipm
  • Deverelwode 1391 Pat
  • Deverlongwood 1566 Ct
  • Deverlonge woode 1606 LRMB


Deverells Wood (6″) is Devereleswode 1281Ass , Deverlingewode 1300 Ipm, Deverelwode 1391 Pat, Deverlongwood 1566Ct , Deverlonge woode 1606LRMB . This name must go back to an OE  Deferelinga wudu , 'wood of the people by the river Deverill' (supra 6), v. ingas . The Deverill valley is only a few miles away on the other side of the chalk ridge.