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Early-attested site in the Parish of Sherburn in Elmet

Historical Forms

  • (on) Lundby 963 RegAlbi,56d 13 YCh7 c.1030
  • Lumbi, Lumby(e) 1200 Cur c.1216 RegAlbiii,50 1241 FF 1246–56 Selby 1265 Linds 1271 RegAlbiv,31 1637 WillY
  • Lymby 1210–12 RBE
  • Lyndeby 1426 ADiii
  • Lomby 1543 FF 1550 TestLds
  • Lumbe 1614 PRFrs


'Farm in the grove', v. lundr , ; the early assimilation to Lumbi is noteworthy. Cf. Swed  Lundby , near a wood called Oklunda , in which an outlaw Gunnar had sanctuary (LSE ii, 72–5). ON  lundr 'wood' seems to have had similar associations in England (cf. EPN ii, 27–8). The wood is probably identical with that referred to in Lumby Hill infra and Long Lund Hill f.n. in the neighbouring township of Monk Fryston (42supra ).