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Haddock Stones

Early-attested site in the Parish of Otley

Historical Forms

  • Hurrocstanes 1290 Whit 1299 Bolt
  • Hurrecstanes 1298 BltComp38
  • Horrokstanes 1341 YDx
  • Harrokstone(s) 1539,1544 MinAcct
  • Hureckstones, Hurrexstones 1656,1661 PROt
  • Hirkstone 1817 M
  • Haddock Stones 1858 O.S.


Haddock Stones, Hurrocstanes 1290 Whit 370, 1299 Bolt 117, Hurrecstanes 1298BltComp 38, Horrokstanes 1341 YD x, Harrokstone (s )1539, 1544MinAcct , Hureckstones , Hurrexstones 1656, 1661 PROt, Hirkstone 1817 M, Haddock Stones 1858 O.S. The first el., as in Hurrokboyum ii, 229 supra , is NCy dial. hurrock 'a heap of loose stones', the etymology of which is unknown, unless it is connected with ON  hǫrgr 'cairn, heap of stones' (OE  hearg, OHG  harug 'altar', OE  hær, Swed  har 'heap of stones', etc.) with a different vowel grade. In Haddock Stones the modern form has developed in the same way as paddock from pearroc . Haddock Stones 180infra has another origin.