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Major Settlement in the Parish of Kirkburton

Historical Forms

  • Heppeuuord 1086 DB
  • Heppewrth 1274–1308 WCR
  • Heppeworth 1313,1323 ib
  • Hepworthyn' 1462,1492 MinAcct
  • Hepworth 1550 YDii


In view of the Heppe - spellings this can hardly be OE  hēope 'hip'; it is no doubt an OE  pers.n. Heppa , which is not recorded but finds a cognate in OG  Heppo ; it could be a hypocoristic form of some such pers.n. as Helpric . This is the more likely, as worð 'enclosure' is most often combined with a pers.n. v. also Hepshaw infra . The Merc  form -worthyn (v. worðign ) is noteworthy; v. Introd.

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