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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kirkburton

Historical Forms

  • Hadingley 1640 WillY 1771 M
  • Haddingley 1646 WillY
  • Nether Haddingley, Over Haddingley 1709 WMB
  • Haddenley 1817 M


Haddingley, Hadingley 1640 WillY, 1771 M, Haddingley 1646 WillY, Nether Haddingley , Over Haddingley 1709 WMB, Haddenley 1817 M. There are several YW p.ns. in -ingley which present some difficulty, as they appear only in late sources and denote very minor places; they are unlikely (except where, as in Billingley i, 94supra or Headingley pt. iv infra , the evidence is good) to be names of any great antiquity, especially as in these more westerly parts of the Riding p.ns. formed from folk-names in -ingas are otherwise wanting, and lēah continued in living use until quite late. In Castingley 150, Gettingley 234, Hostingley 214supra and in Crodingley 287infra , the -ing - is probably spurious, in Dunningley 175supra and Hardingley 249infra it is a pers.n. suffix; in Whittingley 178supra it is obscure. In Haddingley we may therefore have a compound of the ME  haueding 'heading' (found in Haddings 204supra ) with lēah ; the word would here denote something like 'headland, peak', since Haddingley Hill is a prominent hill (near the source of the Dearne).

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