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Early-attested site in the Parish of Kirkburton

Historical Forms

  • le Hadds 1326 WCR
  • (the) Hades 1575 WillY 1709 WMB


Hades, le Hadds 1326 WCR, (the ) Hades 1575 WillY, 1709 WMB, cf. also Hadeker 1316 WCR, Hades Green infra , and the f.n. Hade Ing infra . This appears to be dial. hade , a common f.n. el., which is used in much the same way as headland (v. hēafod-land); it is without doubt a development of ME  haved , a dial. variant of the more usual heved , from OE  heafod 'hēad', though this particular variety hade appears to be restricted to p.ns. until the sixteenth century (NED s.v. hade ); other variants include hude and hawde (cf. O 448–9 s.v. hades ).

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Early-attested site