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Early-attested site in the Parish of Studley

Historical Forms

  • Skyllus Grange t.Hy6 Dugdale
  • Skylles 1549 Pat
  • Skyll' 1560 FF
  • Skiltes 1576 S
  • Skilts Park 1641 Depositions


Skilts is Skyllus Grange t. Hy 6 Dugdale, Skylles 1549 Pat, Skyll '1560FF , Skiltes 1576 S, Skilts Park 1641Depositions , and is to be associated with the family variously spelt Skyl (1297Ass , Coleshill), (1315, 1344Ass , Stratford), (1327, 1332 SR, Dosthill, Halford, Rowington, Tamworth, Lea Marston), (1383, 1387 Pat, Aston), Skille (1457 Pat, Coventry). No actual connection of this widespread family with Studley has been noted. The introduction of the t would seem to be a late corruption.