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Mappleborough Green

Early-attested site in the Parish of Studley

Historical Forms

  • Mepelesbarwe 848 BCS453 14th
  • Mapelberge 1086 DB
  • Mapelberga 13th ADiii
  • Mapelberewe 1262 Ass
  • Mapellesborghe c.1200 Evesham
  • Mabbelberwe 1272 Ass
  • Mapleborough Green formerly called Haywood 1656 Dugdale
  • Mapoldreu geat 972 BCS1282 1050
  • Mapeldreborch c.1200 Evesham


Mappleborough Green is Mepelesbarwe 848 (14th) BCS 453, Mapelberge 1086 DB, Mapelberga 13th AD iii(p), Mapelberewe 1262Ass (p), Mapellesborghe c. 1200Evesham , Mabbelberwe 1272Ass (p), Mapleborough Green formerly called Haywood 1656 Dugdale. In the boundaries of Beoley (Wo) there is mention of Mapoldreu geat 972 (1050) BCS 1282, which is identical with the place called Mapeldreborch c. 1200Evesham . The original name of the Warwickshire place must have been 'maple-tree hill' (v. mapuldor ), later replaced by the simple 'maple hill' (OE  mapel).