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Barlichway Hundred

Hundred in the County of Warwickshire

Historical Forms

  • Barligwei 1189,1191 P
  • Barliche(s)weye 1232,1251 Fees 1275 RH 1306 Ass
  • Barlike(s)weye, Barlichewey Wapentac 1232 ib
  • Barlycwey 1285 1327 SR
  • Barlycheweye 1306 Ass
  • Fernecumbe, Fernecūbe Hund in DB
  • Patelau 1086 DB
  • Pathelawe 1232 Fees 1262 Ass
  • Patelowe t.Hy3 RBE
  • Pathelowe 1240 Wigorn 1247,1262,1306 Ass
  • Pathlowe ib.
  • libertas de Patthelowe 1327,1332 SR


This is OE  bærlic weg , 'road along which barley was carted' (PN BedsHu 52 and Anderson 137). The meeting-place was near Barley Leys infra 212. According to Dugdale (487) “the Hundred took its name from a plot of ground about eight yards square, now inclosed with a Hedge, and situate upon the top of a Hill in the way between Haseler and Binton and about half a mile from Temple Grafton , which is reputed to be the very place where these three Parishes do meet.” This points to the meeting-place being actually on the crest of Haselor Hill. For Wapentac , v. Introd. xxiv, n. The Hundred was formed in the 12th century by the union of the two DB Hundreds of Ferncumbe and Pathlow.