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Grandford Ho, Grandford Drove

Early-attested site in the Parish of March


Grandford Ho, Grandford Drove (6″). Cf. Granford 1350Walden , Granford Crofts 1636 BedL, Grainford 1618SewersA , 1637 BedL, Cranford , Cranford Crofts 1636 ib. It has been suggested (CAPr vii, 119) that this is 'great ford' (OFr  grand ), so called as carrying the Great Fen Road, but such a compound does not seem very likely, although the Roman road did cross the Plantwater or old Ouse (Nene) at this point. The first element may be cran , 'crane, heron,' with common, confusion of initial c and g , but forms are too late for any certainty.