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Bradney Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of March

Historical Forms

  • Bradenhee (piscariam) 1221 ElyA 1392 Ely
  • Brad(e)ne, Brad(e)necote 1298 Ass
  • Brad(e)nemore 1345 Wren
  • Great, Little Bradnymore 1636 BedL
  • Brod(h)ea 1220–25 Thorney
  • Brodhe c.1225 ElyCh
  • Brodeheyfen 1394 Ct
  • Bradenhee 1314 Ct


Bradney Fm is Bradenhee (piscariam )1221ElyA , 1392Ely , Brad (e )ne , Brad (e )necote 1298Ass , Brad (e )nemore 1345Wren , Great , Little Bradnymore 1636 BedL. This, with Bradney Ho supra 247, is near an old course of the Nene, here called brādan -ēa , 'broad river.' Cf. þurh an scyr wæter Bradan æ hatte 656E (12th) ASC, Bradenee al. voc. Marchee 1428Ct . v. brād , ēa . It was later known as'March river.' This is probably the same river as Brod (h )ea 1220–25Thorney , Brodhe c. 1225ElyCh in Whittlesey, near which lay Brodeheyfen 1394Ct , and this form possibly underlies Broadall's District (PN BedsHu 214), near the old course of the Nene, which also flowed through Whittlesey. For this name no early forms have been noted, but we may compare the change from Byhee to Byall (supra 211). The lower course of the Nene in Elm is also probably referred to under this name in Bradenhee 1314Ct .v. Nene supra 8–9.