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Roundhurst Common

Early-attested site in the Parish of Lurgashall

Historical Forms

  • Rendhurst al. Rundhurst in 1610 (Ipm, VCH)
  • Rendhurst al. Randhurst 1612 SRS14,65
  • Rundhurst 1724 B


Roundhurst Common is Rendhurst al. Rundhurst in 1610 (Ipm , VCH ), Rendhurst al. Randhurst in 1612 (SRS 14, 65), Rundhurst in 1724 (B). It possibly gave name to John de Ryndhurst of Tillington (1296 SR). In Parish Records it is written Rundhurst till about 1866. This name should probably be taken with Rendlie and Renhurst infra 379, 383 and explained as containing the same element rȳmde , past part, of rȳman , 'to clear,' which was suggested by Ekwall for Runley (PN BedsHu 159). The names mean 'cleared wood' or 'cleared opening,' v. hyrst , leah .