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Glasseye Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Beckley

Historical Forms

  • Glesye 1189–99 Battle 1332 SR
  • Glesybregg 1363 BM
  • Glesham 12th Bello
  • Gleshamme 1279 Ass 1332 SR


This name offers difficulties which cannot yet be solved. It is difficult to dissociate the name from that of the quite distinct DB manor of Glesham (Glesham 12th Bello, Gleshamme 1279Ass , 1332 SR (both p)) in which we have apparently the same first element with a variant second one. The element gles is always difficult to interpret. v. PN La 209s. n. Gleaston and Addenda supra vi.

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