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Lydling Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Godalming

Historical Forms

  • Letlinges 1177 P
  • Ledlinges 1220 Bracton
  • Ledling 1230 FF
  • Ludling(g) 1309,1313 Ass
  • Ludlyng(e) 1358 Ass 1453 Loseley
  • Northeludlyng 1486 ib
  • Lidlinge 1613 ParReg 1615 FF
  • Littilinge 1666 ParReg
  • Littleing 1693 FF
  • Little Ing 1823 G
  • Stokelinges 1196 SoRSxxxiii


This is a difficult name. It is more likely that it is a hlinc- name than an ingas-name (for the forms of such names cf. Ekwall, PN in -ing 29–30, the forms of the names in hlinc mentioned in PN Wo 372, PN Sx 544, PN D 665, and Stocklinch (So) Stokelinges 1196 SoRS xxxiii). The place lies on a slope, which may be the hlinc , and if so, the first element may be the name of the stream here, for OE  hlȳde , ME  lude is a common name for a stream, cf. RN 272–3, s. n. Lyde. Hence possibly 'slope(s) by the Lyde.'