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High Leybourne

Early-attested site in the Parish of Godalming

Historical Forms

  • Lelebrunne 1235 Ass
  • Leleburne 1304 Ass
  • Lelleburne 1241,1263 Ass
  • Lalleburne 1255 Ass
  • Lalleborne 1386 Loseley 1484 AddCh
  • Laleburne 1263 Ass
  • Lalebo(u)rne 1332 SR 1344 Loseley
  • Lalebornslonde 1425 ib
  • Lalborn 1486 ib
  • Laborne 1583 Musters 1679 Loseley
  • Lawborne 1586 Loseley 1676 FF


This was the name of a tithing of Godalming, including the south-west corner of the parish, so that the present house need not be identical with the site of the original holding. The stream (v. burna ) may be that a little to the east, flowing north to Bramley. The first element may be a personal name Lealla . For the possibility of such, cf. OGer  Lallo , Lello , Lala , Lela (Förstemann PN 1001), Lawling (Ess) (PN in -ing 10), Lawford (Wa, Ess) earlier Lalleford . Alternatively it may be that the first element is OE  lǣl (a ), 'twig, withy,' as in Lealholme (PN NRY 133), but the frequent double l is somewhat against this.