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East Stafford

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Knighton

Historical Forms

  • East Stafford 1569 Hutch3 1664 HTax
  • Lewell Farm or Stafford otherwise East Stafford 1669 Hutch3
  • Lewell or East Stafford 1774 Hutch1 1795 Boswell
  • Lewell or East Stafford 1863 Hutch3
  • Estaford 1303 FA 1327 SR
  • Eststaford 1332 SR
  • Staff' Hosp(italis) 1201 P 1288 Ass
  • Stafford Hospitalariorum 1202 P
  • Stafford (H)ospitalis 1280 Ass 1285 FA


East Stafford (lost), East Stafford 1569 Hutch3, 1664 HTax, Lewell Farm or Stafford otherwise East Stafford 1669 Hutch3, Lewell or East Stafford 1774 Hutch1, 1795 Boswell, Lewell or East Stafford 1863 Hutch3, Estaford 1303 FA, 1327SR , Eststaford 1332 SR, Staff ' Hosp (italis )1201 P, 1288Ass , Stafford Hospitalariorum 1202 P, Stafford (H )ospitalis 1280Ass , 1285 FA, so called to distinguish it from West Stafford par. infra q. v. , v. ēast ; -Hospitalis etc. because like Fryer Mayne supra it was held by the Knights Hospitallers. It was probably one of the two DB holdings called Sta (n )ford although both these forms have been included under West Stafford par. infra . In 1327SR and 1332 SR it formed a joint tithing with Fryer Mayne, and in 1795 Boswell a joint tithing with Lewell supra . In 1516 and 1601 Hutch3 there is mention of 'the farm and war (r )en of conyes (conies ) called Stafford (alias East Stafford )', in 1569 ib of 'the fishery and waters of East Stafford', and in 1601 ib of swans maintained here. For a mill here, v. Lewell Mill infra .