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Little Mayne Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Knighton

Historical Forms

  • Little Mayne Fm 1785 SalisT
  • Maine 1086 DB(f.80a) 1201 Cur
  • Parva Maene 1202 FF
  • Parua Mene 1288 Ass
  • Mayne Syrard, Mayne Sirard 1285 FA
  • Lyttlemayne 1306 FF
  • Lytele Mayne 1309 ib
  • Lytelmayn(e) 1347 Ipm 1436 Weld1 1486 et freq
  • Syrad 1201 Cur, FF
  • Syrard 1285 FA


Little Mayne Fm (SY 723871), Little Mayne Fm 1785SalisT , Maine 1086 DB (f. 80a), 1201 Cur, Parva Maene 1202 FF, Parua Mene 1288Ass , Mayne Syrard , Mayne Sirard 1285 FA, Lyttlemayne 1306 FF, Lytele Mayne 1309 ib, Lytelmayn (e )1347 Ipm, 1436Weld 1et freq to 1486ib with variant spellings Lytellmayn (e ), Litulmayn (e ), Litelmayn (e ), Lytulmayn (e ), Litilmayn (e ). 'Little' to distinguish it from Broadmayne par. infra q. v. , v. lytel; -Syrardy -Sirard from the family of that name who held this manor from at least as early as the beginning of the 13th cent, up to 1436 (Adam Shirard , Adam Syrad 1201 Cur, FF, Robert Sirard , Henry Syrard 1285 FA, etc., v. Hutch3 1431, 2503); the DB tenant-in-chief of Maine was Hugh, first earl of Chester (VCHDo 388) and it is noted by Tait (IPN 130) that the family of S (h )irard which was here was descended from the S (c )irard who was a Cheshire tenant of the same earl. A former chapel here dedicated to St Stephen (Hutch3 2503) is mentioned in 1306 FF, 1437Weld 1, 1454DCMDeed .