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Yardgrove Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Marnhull

Historical Forms

  • Erd'gue, Boscus de Gerdeg've 1258 For
  • bosc' de Yerdgrave 1270 ib
  • Yerdegrove e14 GlastE
  • Yerdegrove in Kentlesworth' 1342 GlastF
  • Erdegrove 1346,1428,1431 FA
  • la Wrdegrove 13 GlastR
  • Ygrove e14 GlastE
  • Hierdegrave cum bosc' 1300 Hutch3
  • Herdegrove [Erde-Grave] 1303 FA
  • Yargrove e17 Weld1
  • Yeargrove 1811 OS
  • Yard Grove, Yard Grove Coppice, Yard Grove Corner 1838 TA


Probably 'grove or copse where rods or spars are obtained', from gerd, gierd and grāf(a).