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Early-attested site in the Parish of Marnhull

Historical Forms

  • maner'…de Bere (et More) 1454 HarlCh
  • de la Bere 1285 FA 1316 1332 SR 1339 AddCh
  • Berry Wood 1838 TA
  • boscus voc' Berewood 16 Glyn


Bere (lost), maner '…de Bere (et More )1454HarlCh , no doubt the home of Richard de la Bere 1285 FA, 1316 ib, AD , 1332 SR, 1339AddCh (who held lands in Thorton infra and in the adjacent par. of Todber supra ), cf. also Agnes de la Bere 1327SR , 1332 SR, probably from bǣr 2 '(woodland) pasture', cf. Bere Marsh 2239. More is Moor Court infra , so the place was probably near here or Thorton Fm in the E of the present par. In fact a more precise location is possible if the name is to be identified with the first el. of the f.n. Berry Wood 1838TA (boscus voc ' Berewood 16Glyn , spelling slightly uncertain), which is SW of Thorton Fm at ST 800175.