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Pumphrey Wood

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Overton

Historical Forms

  • Pumphrey 1794 Wilton
  • Cheecheangles 1542 Sav
  • Chichangles wood 1794 Wilton
  • Chick Changles Wood 1818 O.S.


Pumphrey Wood is to be associated with the family of Edward Pumphrey (1794Wilton ), a tenant in Overton. The earlier name was Cheecheangles 1542Sav , Chichangles wood 1794Wilton , Chick Changles Wood 1818 O.S., identified by Mr G. M. Young, with scyt hangran 939 BCS 734. hangra appears elsewhere as ME  hangel (cf. Barnacle (PN Wa 101) and Hangleton (PN Sx 168, 289)) so that there is no difficulty about the identification, even in name. The first element may be OE  *scīete , *scȳte , 'nook, corner,' hence 'corner wood.' Cf. Shute (PN D 184).