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Hursley Bottom

Early-attested site in the Parish of West Overton

Historical Forms

  • (on) hyrsleage 939 BCS734
  • (on) ers leage 972 13th ib
  • lez bottom de Hurseley 1570 PembSurv
  • Husley Bottom 1818 O.S.


Hursley Bottom is (on ) hyrsleage 939 BCS 734, (on ) ers leage 972 (13th) ib. 1285, lez bottom de Hurseley 1570 PembSurv, Husley Bottom 1818 O.S. We may compare the forms given by Ekwall (DEPN) for Hursley (Ha), Hurselye 1171 Winton and others. These suggest the possibility of an OE  hyrs , 'mare' (cf. Holthausen 185, s. v .), cognate with ON  hryssa , 'mare.' Hence 'mare-clearing,' v. leah . See further Studies 65.