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Hornby Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Brougham

Historical Forms

  • Horn(e)by 1523 SheriffAcct5d 1557 NB 1577 Harrison 1777 M
  • Horn(e)by Hall 1684,1694 PR 1823 M


Hornby Hall, Horn (e )by 1523SheriffAcct 5d, 1557 NB 399, 1577 Harrisonet freq to 1777 M, (Horn (e )by Hall ) 1684, 1694 PR, 1823 M; it also occurs much earlier as a local surname de Horneby 1365Wyb , 1368Brm 9, 1379 NWm 287, 1402 FA. The hall, which was built c. 1553 (NWm 286), may be named from the family, which could have originated at Hornby (YN 240, 280) or in a local p.n., which would doubtless have meant 'farm near the river-bend' (here a loop in the Eamont), v. horn , . It may be added that a family called Horne was well represented in the parish from 1716 (PR 14 et passim ).