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Early-attested site in the Parish of Emley

Historical Forms

  • Kirkeby, Kyrkeby 13,1290 YDi 1294 YDviii 1305 YDv 1352 FF 1379 PT 1605 FF
  • Kirkby 1382 DodsN
  • Kirkeby als. Kirby Graunge 1611 FF


Kirkby, Kirkeby , Kyrkeby 13, 1290 YD i, 1294 YD viii, 1305 YD v, 1352 FF, 1379 PTet freq to 1605 FF, Kirkby 1382 DodsN, Kirkeby als. Kirby Graunge 1611 FF. 'Church farm', v. kirkju-. This is an isolated farmstead and does not mean 'village or farmstead with a church'; it probably denotes 'farm belonging to a church', probably 'an abbey grange' (cf. Bentley Grange supra ).

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Early-attested site