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Winn Moor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Barwick in Elmet

Historical Forms

  • Winnemor(e), Wynnemor(e) 1177–85 YCh 13 Kirkst 1487 MinAcct 1546 YChant
  • Wynmor(e), Winmor(e) 1424 Rent 1480,1487 MinAcct 1822 Langd
  • Winmoore 1610 FF 1668 YDii


Winn Moor, Winnemor (e ), Wynnemor (e )1177–85 YCh 1509, 13 Kirkst 1292, 1487MinAcct , 1546 YChant, Wynmor (e ), Winmor (e )1424 Rent, 1480, 1487MinAcct et freq to 1822 Langd, Winmoore 1610 FF, 1668 YD ii.The first el. is ambiguous; it could be OE  (ge )winn 'fight' (the name referring to a moor which was the scene of a fight or one which was in dispute) or OE  winn 'pasture'. v. mōr .