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Old Halves

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chatteris

Historical Forms

  • Oldhalf c.1300 SewersD 1616 BedL
  • Oldhaw(e) 1415–18 MinAcct
  • Eldehalf 1428 Ct
  • (the) Old Haves 1618 SewersA
  • Old Halves 1652 FenS
  • the Old Hawes 1678 ib
  • the Old Hawes or Old Halfes 1682 ib
  • Chartres old Haues 1684 Moore


Old Halves is Oldhalf c. 1300SewersD et freq to 1616 BedL, Oldhaw (e )1415–18MinAcct , Eldehalf 1428Ct , (the ) Old Haves 1618SewersA , Old Halves 1652FenS , the Old Hawes 1678 ib., the Old Hawes or Old Halfes 1682 ib., Chartres old Haues 1684 Moore. Here we probably have the nom. sg. of healh , 'nook, corner,' developing to ME  half , plural halves . The exact meaning is difficult to determine, but there is a marked bend in the county boundary here.