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Early-attested site in the Parish of Chatteris

Historical Forms

  • Hors(e)hythe, Hors(e)hithe 1238 ElyCouch 1489 et freq
  • Horsethe, Horse 13th Chateriz
  • Chartris Horseway 1670 FenL


Horseway is Hors (e )hythe , Hors (e )hithe 1238ElyCouch et freq to 1489Ct , Horsethe , Horse 13thChateriz , Chartris Horseway 1670FenL . Either 'landing place for horses' or 'muddy landing place' from OE  horsc , 'foul, muddy,' noted under Horkesley, Horsefrith and Horsepit's Fm (PN Ess 392, 278, 361). v. hȳð . For loss of th cf. Odsey supra 62.