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Horslode Fen Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Chatteris

Historical Forms

  • Hornigslade 1240 Rams 1334 Chateriz 13th
  • Horningslade, Hornyngslade c.1250 Chateriz 1402 CCC
  • Horneslade 1430 Ct
  • Horyngslade(fen), Horingslade(fen) c.1275,13th Chateriz
  • Horynsslade ib.
  • le Horslade 1457 CCC
  • Horseslade 1471 Rental
  • Horselodde 1489 CCC
  • Horseloud 1539 MinAcct
  • Horslods Fens 1829 Wells


The farm is situated in the middle of the extensive Horseley Fen infra 251 which was also called Horselode Fen . The second element is probably OE  (ge)lād, 'watercourse.' The first element may be either a personal name Horning from OE  hornung , 'bastard' (cf. Horningsea supra 145), or it may be the significant word horning , 'bend,' suggested for Horningstrate supra 32.