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Early-attested site in the Parish of Haslemere

Historical Forms

  • capella de Piperham c.1180 StOsmund 1270 Winton
  • Pyperham 1302,1453 Swanton 1327 Banco 1332 SR
  • Pyperhammes in Haselmere 1453 Loseley
  • Piperhammes 1458 VCHiii,49
  • Peperhams 1548 LRMB
  • Pepperham 1604 Recov


Pepperhams is capella de Piperham c. 1180 StOsmund, 1270 Winton, Pyperham 1302, 1453 Swanton, 1327 Banco, 1332 SR (p), Piperham 1340, Peperham 1367Loseley , 1585FF , Pyperhammes in Haselmere 1453Loseley , Piperhammes 1458 VCH iii, 49, Peperhams 1548LRMB , 1867 Map (in Swanton), Pepperham 1604Recov . This was the name of the old settlement round the parish church, and was thus the original name of the parish. Later the centre of population shifted to the south, i.e. the nucleus of the present Haslemere. 'Pip (e )ra 's ham(m).'For the personal name v. Peper Harow infra 207.