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Holdfast Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Haslemere

Historical Forms

  • Holvast 1367 Swanton
  • Holefast, Holefastes 1384 Loseley
  • Holfast 1448 ib
  • Holdfast 1644 ParReg
  • Holtfast 1287 Cl


Holdfast Fm is Holvast 1367 Swanton, Holefast , Holefastes 1384Loseley , Holfast 1448 ib., Holdfast 1644 ParReg, and is to be associated with the family of William Holtfast (1287 Cl).Without earlier forms it is hard to say whether this is a genuine place-name compound of holh or holt and fæsten , i.e. 'stronghold in the hollow (or wood),' or whether the name is of manorial origin, deriving from the family of the above- mentioned William Holtfast (i.e. 'hold fast').