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Early-attested site in the Parish of Haslemere

Historical Forms

  • (le) Grasewode 1479,1518 Loseley
  • Grasewood 1539,1577 Swanton
  • Grace Wood 1568 ib
  • Greyes Wood 1583 ib
  • Gerardeswode 1332 SR 1340,1358,1448 Loseley


Grayswood is (le ) Grasewode 1479, 1518Loseley , Grasewood 1539, 1577 Swanton, Grace Wood 1568 ib., Greyes Wood 1583 ib.It is possible that it is to be associated with the place called Gerardeswode (in Witley) 1332 SR (p), 1340, 1358, 1448Loseley , the first element being the OFr  personal name Gerard .This development is possible if we assume a pronunciation with initial hard g as in Garrigill and Crosby Garrett (We) and Grilstone (PN D 383). For the reduction of Ger - to Gr , cf. Grilstone (loc. cit.) and Wraysbury (PN Bk 244).