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Early-attested site in the Parish of Tinwell

Historical Forms

  • Ingelthorpe 1189 Ch 1332
  • Ingeðorp m12 BCS22(S68)
  • Ingetorp 1203 Ass
  • Ingethorpe 1227 Ch m13 CN 1286 Ass 1327 SR
  • Hingethorp' 1263 Ass
  • Ingthorp(e) 1370 Pat 1432 ELiW 1610 Speed
  • Inglethorp(e) 1547,1553 Pat


Possibly 'Ingi's outlying farmstead', v. þorp . If the early form Ingelthorpe is significant (and cf. the late Inglethorp (e ) spellings), then the first el. could be the OScand  pers.n, Ingjaldr or Ingulfr (possibly also present in White Ingle Dale in nearby Ryhall f.ns. (b)).More likely, however, is OScand  Ingi , a short form of masculine pers.ns. in Ingi - such as Ingimarr , Ingimundr .