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Major Settlement in the Parish of Tinwell

Historical Forms

  • Tedinwelle 1086 DB
  • Tineguella 1125–8 LNPetr
  • Tiningewelle m13 Swaff
  • Tineuuell(e) m12 Cand m12 Swaff m13
  • Tinewell(e) 1220,1221 RHug 1237 Cl 1347 et passim
  • Tynwell(e), Tinwell(e) 1221 RHug 1283 OSut 1395 Cl 1553 Pat


Possibly 'the spring or stream of Tȳni's people', v. -inga-, wella .The DB form has AN e for i and its d for n appears to be erratic.The mid 13th century form Tiningewelle is recorded by Robert de Swaffham in a footnote to his transcript of the 12th century Chronicle of Hugh Candidus. This footnote incorporates a valuation of 3s. 4d for Tinwell which suggests that Robert had access to early records. Thus the spelling may perhaps be accepted as authentic and significant. An unrecorded OE  pers.n. *Tȳni would be a short form of pers.ns. in Tūn - such as Tūnhere or Tūnfrið .