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Highcroft Lodge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Eynsham

Historical Forms

  • Huythecroft 1328,63 Eynsh
  • Huthecroft 1363 Eynsh
  • Highcroft 1473–4 CourtR
  • Hyghecroft 1481–2 CourtR


Highcroft Lodge (6″) takes name from Huythecroft 1328, 63 Eynsh, Huthecroft 1363 Eynsh, Highcroft 1473–4CourtR , Hyghecroft 1481–2CourtR . The first element is hȳþ, 'landing place,' second element croft . Chambers (87) says that the croft was to the east, which would be between the house and the river Evenlode, and that he has eliminated the corruption to 'high croft' in the modern name.