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Chilmore Bridge

Early-attested site in the Parish of Eynsham

Historical Forms

  • Chelmore Bridge 1822 O.S.
  • Chelbreade furlonge, chelbred Yate 1615 CorpusMap
  • Chillbridge Gate and Furlong 1802 EnclA


Chilmore Bridge (6″) is Chelmore Bridge 1822 O.S. The same first element is found in Chelbreade furlonge , chelbred Yate 1615CorpusMap , Chillbridge Gate and Furlong 1802EnclA , and in the modern name of the stream in question, Chil Brook. The element is presumably OE  ceole, 'gully.' -breade , -bred is brǣdu , 'broad piece of land,' and Yate is geat . For the suffix of the present bridge name, v. mōr .