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Walgaston Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hamfallow

Historical Forms

  • Walmegerston(e) 1243–5 Berk 1540 MinAcct
  • Walmegarston' 1287 Ass 1370 FF 1492 Aug 1547 Pat
  • Walhamgarston, Walhamgorst 1244 Berk
  • Wolgarston c.1334 GR421
  • Wallgarstone 1830 M


Walgaston Fm, Walmegerston (e )1243–5 Berk, 1540MinAcct , Walmegarston '1287Ass , 1370FF , 1492 Aug, 1547 Pat, Walhamgarston , Walhamgorst 1244 Berk, Wolgarston c. 1334GR 421(p), Wallgarstone 1830 M. 'Meadow with a spring', v. welm (Merc  wælm), gærs-tūn, though two forms rather suggest that Walme - is here a contraction of Walham , which is of uncertain origin. There are several small pools and a well hereabouts.