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Crawless Fm

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hamfallow

Historical Forms

  • Crauleye 1327 SR 1546 Aug
  • Craw(e)ley 1329 Berk 1492 Aug
  • Renty Crawlesgroue 1543 AOMB
  • Crawless Farm 1830 M


Crawless Fm, Crauleye 1327SR (p), 1546 Aug, Craw (e )ley 1329 Berk (p), 1492 Aug, 1547 Renty Crawlesgroue 1543AOMB , Crawlhouse Fm . 1777 M, Crawless Farm 1830 M. The modern name probably stands for 'Crawley('s) house'. The early surname Crawley may have originated as a local p.n. or from Crawley in Uley (254infra ).'The crow clearing', v. crāwe , lēah .