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Agham Moor, Egham Hill

Early-attested site in the Parish of Hamfallow

Historical Forms

  • Eggamor' 1305 MinAcct
  • Egamhulle 1414–22 Rent
  • Egham more 1492 Aug
  • Egham mershe 1516 MinAcct
  • Eggam moore 1626 Inq


Agham Moor, Egham Hill (lost), Eggamor '1305MinAcct , Egamhulle 1414–22Rent , Egham more 1492 Aug, Egham mershe 1516MinAcct , Eggam moore 1626 Inq. 'Ecga's water-meadow', v. Acton (supra ) for the pers.n., and hamm , mōr 'moor', hyll . The TA map fixes Agham at grid-point 156–705039 and Agham Moor a little to the south-west in Hinton (TA 13/22, nos. 75–9, 813), a mile north-east of Acton.