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Wightfield Manor

Early-attested site in the Parish of Deerhurst

Historical Forms

  • Wicfeld 1086 DB
  • Wyfeld 1248 Ass
  • Wit(e)feld, Wyt(e)feld 12 Tewk75,78d 1227 Monast c.1240 GlR 1248 Ass 1304 FA
  • Wyt(e)fyeld 1580 Talbot
  • Wichtfeld 1231,1232 Theok
  • Wyghtfeld 1303 FA 1321 FF 1327 SR 1535 VE
  • Wyghtfyld 1580 FF
  • Wygthfeld 1316 GlChiv,6
  • Wythfeld c.1250 GlR 1291 Tax 1352 FF
  • Whytfeld 1285 FA
  • Whyghfeud, Whyghfeld 1287,1331 Ass
  • Whightfeld 1328 Banco 1445 Pat


There are enough spellings in Wyght - to show that this is from OE  wiht 'bend' and feld 'open country'. The exact meaning of wiht is here difficult to fix; it is hardly likely to refer to the obtuse bend in the Severn as that is some distance away; Ekwall thinks it might refer to 'a recess in a neighbouring hill', but it may allude to the sharp bend in the road from Tewkesbury to Haw Bridge.