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Notcliffe Ho

Early-attested site in the Parish of Deerhurst

Historical Forms

  • Nottecliu(e) 1221,1248 Ass 1285 Ch
  • Norteclive (sic) 1254 Ipm
  • Notclyf 1547 FF
  • on Hnottan mæræ 944 BCS796
  • on Hnottan forð 968 ib


Notcliffe Ho, Nottecliu (e )1221, 1248Ass , 1285 Ch, Norteclive (sic)1254 Ipm, Notclyf 1547FF . 'Hnotta's or bare bank', v. clif (here referring to a small but prominent ridge). An OE  pers.n. Hnott (a ) is not recorded, but is assumed from OE p.ns. like on Hnottan mæræ 944 BCS 796 and on Hnottan forð 968 ib 1217, and from its use as a ME byname (le ) Not (Tengvik 324, Reaney 232); it is from OE  hnott 'bare, bald', which is itself preferable as the first el. of this p.n.