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Great Farsley and Little Farsley

Early-attested site in the Parish of Terling

Historical Forms

  • terra Faucelun t.Hy3 RBE
  • feodo faucelon t.Hy3 Survey
  • Falceillon 1167 P
  • Faucillun, Fauceloun 1199–1343 FF


Great Farsley and Little Farsley [fɔˑsli] is terra Faucelun t. Hy 3 RBE, feodo faucelon t. Hy 3Survey . A manorial name deriving from the family of Gilbert Falceillon 1167 P (Faucillon ChancR) and Bartholomew and John Faucillun , Fauceloun (1199–1343 FF). With the loss of n in the possessive form we should have a form Fauceles ; cf. Garnes for Garnons s. n. Garnish Hall supra 84.The pronunciation [fɑˑsliz] or [fɔˑsliz] suggested a connection with the numerous names in -ley , and the name was re-spelled accordingly.