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Mose Hall

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ardleigh

Historical Forms

  • Mose 1240 FF 1256 Cl 1291 For
  • Mosehall 1594 N
  • Mose or Moose 1768 M
  • Mese 1262 For
  • Moese 1291 For
  • Mosehale 1462 IpmR
  • Mossehall 1522 FF
  • Moustretfeild alias Battailes 1604 Rental
  • Moys(e)hall t.Eliz ChancP
  • Moys(e)hall alias Mosehall alias Mosehole 1605 EAviii
  • Mossstreet 1676 Ct
  • Moose-hall vulgarly More-hall 1768 M


Mose Hall is Mose 1240 FF (p), 1256 Cl (p), 1291For (p), Mosehall 1594 N, Mose or Moose 1768 M, Mese 1262For (p), Moese 1291For (p), Mosehale 1462 IpmR, Mossehall 1522FF , Moustretfeild alias Battailes 1604Rental , Moys (e )hall t. Eliz ChancP, Moys (e )hall alias Mosehall alias Mosehole 1605 EA viii, Mossstreet 1676Ct , Moose-hall vulgarly More-hall 1768 M. As all the early forms are from personal names it is difficult to know if this name is local in origin or whether the place takes its name from some settler from Moze infra 328. At a late stage the element healh , later interpreted as 'hall,' was added.