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Crockleford Bridge, Crockleford Heath

Early-attested site in the Parish of Ardleigh


Crockleford Bridge (6″), Crockleford Heath. Cf. Crockeresford 1206 FF, Cro (c )kel (e )ford (e ), Cro (c )kel (e )ford (e ) wo (o )d (e )1308 EHR xl, 1323For , 1544 LP, Crokyl (l )forthe 1338 Colch, Crokyl (l )forthefeld heth 1538 Paper, Crackleford Heath 1768 M. 'The potter's ford,' OE  croccere , 'potter.' Cf. Crockerhill (PN Sx 66) and Ekwall in Hist. Essays in honour of James Tait 86. For l from r v. IPN 106.